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How does GetMyBoost Fix
Your Credit?

Our credit repair company has a tried-and-true process for handling credit dispute resolution. It involves:

  • Multiple phase audit process
  • Direct contact with creditors and collection agencies
  • Removal or change of erroneous information
  • Over 400 custom letters
  • Credit expertise
  • Credit improvement technology
  • Online portal for tracking progress
Our Story

We created Get My Boost to help people achieve their financial dreams of buying a home, car, or just having access to affordable credit. We believe that YOU deserve a second chance to improve your credit. Whether you have no credit, limited credit, or bad credit, we will guide you through the process, educate you on what lenders look for on your credit, and get you access to credit at advantageous terms to save you thousands of dollars.

Our Mission

Our goal is not only to get you better credit, but to educate every client on basic finance management techniques to help you increase and maintain a higher credit score. We do this by offering an affordable solution to improve your financial standing not only by increasing your credit score, but by educating you as well. In order to achieve our mission, we not only dispute and remove inaccurate accounts from your credit profile but we also help you understand how credit works and the importance of practicing sound financial discipline and limiting the chances of you making the same mistakes again.